Our Story

Slate was founded by Blair and Brady Welch in 2005 because they saw an opportunity to create a real estate-focused asset manager with a fresh perspective. 

“Commercial real estate was becoming dominated by investors who had never owned or operated real estate. Too often, they treated real estate as a cash flow stream similar to a fixed income security. These investors weren't focused on the fundamentals like we could focus on the fundamentals. We could be the bridge." 

– Blair Welch, Partner & Co-Founder

Today Slate manages and co-invests in assets exceeding $3 billion. Our team includes over 40 professionals, each of whom brings their unique point of view and experience to bear helping our tenants and investors reach their goals. An investor first, Slate has sold assets - including entire portfolios - for proceeds in excess of $2 billion.

 "We started with one real estate strategy and one equity partner. We now have multiple equity strategies in Canada and the United States with access to both public and institutional capital. That allows us to co-invest shoulder to shoulder."

– Brady Welch, Partner & Co-Founder

From its initial portfolio of Canadian office properties, Slate has expanded its footprint across North America with exposure to multiple asset classes that are part of a variety of investment strategies. Today, Slate has multiple capital sources from institutional and pension  fund investment partners, private equity and public markets. Slate is highly transactional having successfully launched IPOs, completed public to private takeovers, and executed on public and private mergers and acquisitions. A participant in every investment strategy, Slate has demonstrated the embedded value in building real estate portfolios organically, often one asset at a time. 

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