Our Strategy

We are value investors.

We look for opportunities to own buildings for less than it would cost to build them. That reduces risk, protects capital and increases returns. 

We are thematic investors.

That means we identify parts of the market with high quality real estate that we believe is fundamentally mispriced because other investors are overlooking value. In short, we tend to look where others don’t. As markets shift and capital flows into the latest hot spots in the market, we can shift our themes to take advantage.

We match these investments to the appropriate type of capital from public markets and institutional investors. And we invest right alongside, in keeping with our “shoulder to shoulder” philosophy. That means we are always focused on the same goal as our partners – superior risk adjusted returns.

We are owners and operators.

We are not just investors – we are owners and operators. Our experienced team has deep backgrounds in every aspect of real estate. We know what adds value for investors and tenants, and we put that knowledge to work every day on their behalf.

We work directly with our partners and our tenants on re-positioning and re-leasing our investments, leading to rising occupancy rates that make those portfolios more valuable. 

Our ownership-focused philosophy also applies to our fees. Because we are owners, we don’t like high-cost management contracts. We strive to keep management fees low and to align ourselves with our partners through performance incentive structures that reward clear focus and ability to execute. This means that when the time is right to sell an asset or move on to a new theme, we do it even if it reduces our management fees. This is how we put real estate, and investors, first.