What We Do

Simply put, we find good real estate at highly compelling valuations. We use our trusted network to raise the capital to execute on those opportunities. And then we get to work to drive the value in our investments to the benefit of our investors and tenants.

We built Slate on some deeply held beliefs that always guide us:

  • Great real-estate investing starts with putting real estate first.
  • The best investors are owners too, working shoulder to shoulder with fellow investors.
  • The best investors are entrepreneurial, and look where others don't for value.

As one of Canada's most active acquirers of real estate, Slate has a clear window into the property market. And after more than $6 billion in acquisitions, we have a proven track record.

Though we believe in the fundamental importance of being able to identify compelling opportunities and buying them correctly, that's only part of success. 

We bring our "can-do" philosophy to management of real estate. We are entrepreneurial and responsive operators, and our partners and tenants know that we can quickly and creatively find ways to add real value.

With every asset, Slate works directly with its investment partners and tenants on property enhancement and leasing strategies, building on our expertise in real estate operations management. 

At Slate, we see many opportunities, and we see a way to get the best ones done.