Private Alternative Investments

Slate invests in commercial real estate directly and with institutional partners. We seek opportunities across the spectrum of commercial real estate, always in keeping with our goals of buying assets for less than their replacement value, re-positioning properties through modest capital improvements and creating value through more aggressive leasing strategies. 

Investors can look to Slate for core, core-plus and opportunistic strategies and can expect a best-in-class co-investor and asset manager through all phases of the investment process.

Fully-Integrated Platform

  • Dedicated management teams for every thematic investment
  • In-house finance, reporting, investor relations, legal counsel and capital management
  • Keen awareness of market trends and capital flows stemming from our multi-disciplinary investment perspective

Emphasis on Alignment

  • Significant co-investment coupled with performance-based fee structures
  • Emphasis on strong corporate governance and oversight
  • An ongoing view to exit strategy so that profits can be crystallized and re-deployed

Hands-On Real Estate Management

  • Oversight and negotiation of every lease transaction
  • Established relationships throughout the commercial real estate leasing and investment brokerage community
  • Proven approach to building enhancement and re-positioning strategies

Experienced Operators

  • Deep connections with fellow owners, lenders and key intermediaries
  • Prudent debt management with eye to maximizing the potential of every asset and selling at the optimal time 
  • Scalable platform that can respond tactically to the right opportunities