Meet Our Analyst Rotation Program Participants

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Our investment platform is dynamic and diverse, spanning geographies, public and private markets and a wide spectrum of risk profiles and investment strategies. It’s an ideal training ground for young professionals seeking exposure to a broad range of learning opportunities within commercial real estate.

We created our Analyst Rotation Program to help students and early career professionals learn real estate fundamentals and gain exposure to a wide array of potential career paths within the real estate industry. Over the course of two years, program participants get the chance to complete three placements across different areas of our business. The first two placements are typically within our Investments and Asset Management teams. The third placement provides exposure to other business functions – such as development, investor relations or marketing – and could be located in another regional office, giving participants exposure to international markets.

The Rotation Program is open to new analysts who join Slate with under two years of work experience. Our objective is to train well-rounded professionals and provide ample opportunities for internal networking and knowledge sharing between teams and colleagues. As part of that effort, senior leaders at Slate also hold weekly “office hours,” where they offer mentorship, skills training and career guidance to our analyst-level team members.

We see great value in cultivating young talent within our organization, and we strive to give team members the opportunity to continue their learning and development within our business. At the end of the two-year program, our goal is to permanently place participants on one of our teams – based on their personal goals, professional skillset and the needs of the firm – so they can continue their growth at Slate.

We asked two of our newest Rotation Program participants, Jacky Black and Will Graham, to share a bit about their experience so far.

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