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Slate Asset Management Acquires Majority Stake in CLIMOVA and Presents Groundbreaking Electrification Project at Netto Markt in Holzwickede, Germany

Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Holzwickede – In a groundbreaking partnership, Slate Asset Management (“Slate”), a global alternative investment platform targeting real assets, has acquired a majority stake in CLIMOVA GmbH (“CLIMOVA”), a specialist provider of renewable energy solutions for commercial properties.

CLIMOVA and Slate have announced a groundbreaking joint electrification project, which was unveiled today during an opening and press event at Netto supermarket in Holzwickede, Germany. The joint project showcases innovative technologies that can be used for infrastructure electrification and highlights the commitment of both companies to sustainable solutions. In 2022, Slate launched a global infrastructure strategy focused on investing in critical and sustainable infrastructure for cities and communities.

As part of the project, a powerful 170 kWp photovoltaic (“PV”) system has been installed on the roofs of the local Netto supermarket, along with an advanced PV carport in the parking lot. Both installations generate over 200,000 kWh of renewable energy annually, which is made available to the local tenants through a partial supply model. This helps avoid over 85 tons of CO2 emissions per year*. Excess energy is stored in a battery-buffered fast charging station and can be supplied to electric vehicles as needed. Additionally, any unused surplus electricity is marketed on the power exchange.

Christian Schmid, Global Head of Infrastructure at Slate, commented: “To advance the energy transition, comprehensive solutions are required that address changes on a decentralized basis and facilitate efficient collaboration among different stakeholders. We thank all participants, especially Netto Marken-Discount, who have actively contributed to the implementation of this joint project. In partnership with CLIMOVA, we plan to install several of these projects throughout Germany in the coming years.”

“The energy park is more than just a PV system and electric charging stations. It combines state-of-the-art technology in the fields of PV, charging infrastructure, storage, and energy management. The result is maximum charging performance using almost exclusively locally generated power without overloading the grid,” said Alexander Böhm, Project Supervisor at CLIMOVA.

The combination of these innovative technologies forms a solid foundation for CLIMOVA’s future business models. As a specialized company, CLIMOVA develops site-specific, comprehensive energy concepts and acts as a general contractor for project planning. In addition to the groundbreaking project at Netto supermarket in Holzwickede, CLIMOVA installs PV systems and related infrastructure on properties owned by Slate Asset Management, as well as for other commercial customers.

“We are pleased to benefit from cost-effective green energy in the future; from contract negotiation to project execution, Slate and CLIMOVA ensured a smooth process throughout all phases,” announces Netto Marken-Discount Stiftung & Co. KG.

For other commercial customers, CLIMOVA is able to take over the investment and lease the roof areas. This allows the property owner to benefit from roof leasing from day one, while the property user benefits from cost-effective, green electricity.

The opening and press event at Netto supermarket in Holzwickede today brought together representatives from Slate, CLIMOVA, and other stakeholders to showcase the groundbreaking progress in infrastructure electrification. Additional locations are already in the implementation phase.

*Based on the average of 428 g CO2 / kWh in the German electricity mix in 2021. Source: Umweltbundesamt

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