Slate’s Founding Partners Blair & Brady Welch on A Value-Based Approach to ESG

Wednesday, July 12, 2023

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In the first episode of our ESG and sustainability season of Slated to Discuss, Bozena Jankowska sits down with brothers Brady and Blair Welch, Slate’s Founding Partners, to discuss their take on ESG in the private equity real estate space.

Brady and Blair are veterans of the real estate industry, with careers that span 30 and 28 years, respectively. They launched their careers in private equity real estate just as the industry was getting off the ground and have since worked with influential leaders at pioneering firms like Fortress Investment Group, Bankers Trust, First National Financial Corporation and Brazos Advisors, now Lone Star Funds. Their careers have taken them all across the globe, from Toronto to Tokyo, New York, London, Chicago, and beyond, and in this episode, they’re siting down with us to discuss all things ESG.

Tune in to hear their perspective on the evolution of ESG within real estate, how it’s accelerated at different paces globally, what they’re hearing from investors on the topic, where they see the direction of ESG headed, and more.

Learn more about our progress towards ESG implementation across our business in our 2022 ESG Report.

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