A Day in the Life of Veronica Tang, Associate, Investor Relations and Capital Raising in London

Thursday, April 04, 2024

Tell us about yourself and your role at Slate Asset Management.

I am an Associate on Slate’s Investor Relations and Capital Raising team. After starting in Slate’s Toronto office in 2020, I relocated to London in 2022 to help expand Slate’s European presence. Coming from a background in investment banking, I was eager to combine my hard skills in corporate finance with more strategic, growth-oriented involvement in a business – which is what ultimately led me to Slate. I support fundraising activities across the firm’s private funds in collaboration with different groups such as our Investment, Asset Management, and ESG teams. My role enables me to build strong relationships across the company and integrate our different business lines to drive growth.

6:00 AM

Wake up and take a look at my Outlook calendar to get a sense of my workload for the day. Because my team works across time zones, I also do a quick scan of my emails to address any urgent requests before I get into the office.

6:30 AM

Attend a group fitness class; my favorites at the moment are spin, high intensity interval training (HIIT), and reformer pilates.

8:30 AM

Grab coffee on my way to the office. My go to order is a skinny vanilla or caramel latte.

9:30 AM

Review emails and daily industry news – I like reading Financial Times and theSkimm on days when I’m short on time.

10:00 AM

Work on fundraising materials and advance diligence workstreams – this helps move the conversation along with prospective investors who are interested in partnering with Slate.

12:30 PM

Grab lunch – my go to is the Tunacado sandwich from the Joe & The Juice that is conveniently located next to the office!

1:00 PM

Meet and collaborate on projects with my team in North America – right now, we are working on the presentation for our annual private equity investor day, which is quickly approaching!

7:00 PM

Attend an industry networking event for women in real estate. Slate is closely in involved with Women in Real Estate (WIRE), which is a great group for networking, connecting, and sharing ideas with like-minded women in the industry.

What is a helpful skill to have in your role on the investor relations team?

The corporate finance knowledge base I built from investment banking has really benefitted me in the investor relations work I do every day at Slate. I’m able to effectively process and communicate large volumes of financial information to investors in a way that is digestible, timely, and relevant for our clients.

You relocated from Toronto to London with Slate. What influenced your move and how have you grown because of it?

Being from Toronto – an incredibly diverse city – naturally sparked a curiosity in me to explore different cultures. When the opportunity arose to grow with Slate as our investor relations team aimed to expand Slate’s European capital base, it was the perfect next step for me both personally and professionally. This move has put me outside of my comfort zone in truly rewarding ways and opened my mind to try new things.

How do you navigate working with your team across time zones?

Most of my team is based in North America, so leveraging technology is key to staying connected. We’ve had to optimize how we work to accommodate the difference in time zones, so we collaborate closely during our shared work hours. Our daily virtual meetings help me stay grounded on busy days and maintain a big picture view of our different workstreams.

How do you spend a typical Sunday?  

I like to start my morning slowly with coffee and a sweet treat from my local bakery, then head to a workout class to get energized for the day. That’s typically followed by another coffee and a long brunch with friends, and then we like to explore all the distinct neighborhoods that London has to offer. I finish my Sunday catching up virtually with friends and family in Toronto and preparing for the week ahead.