Connor O’Brien

Managing Director

  • Chicago
Career At Slate
  • 2012Joined as an Analyst in Toronto
  • 2016Advanced to Director, Transferred to Frankfurt to launch Slate's European platform
  • 2020Advanced to Vice President, Transferred to Chicago to grow Slate's US platform
  • 2022Advanced to Senior Vice President
  • Honours Business AdministrationRichard Ivey Business School, Western University
  • Travel
  • Cooking
  • Golf

The best things about working at Slate are the people and the culture. Since joining Slate, I have consistently been surrounded by hardworking, intelligent coworkers. Many of these people I now consider my close friends. From day one, these coworkers encouraged me to think through things critically, share my opinions and be an active participant in every discussion. The senior partners cared about what I had to say, even as an analyst.

“Here, whenever I find myself getting a little too comfortable, I step into something new and exciting.”

Slate operates in a very collaborative environment. Everyone’s opinion is valued and junior staff get exposure to different aspects of a transaction right from the beginning of their career. For me that was an opportunity to be part of a billion-dollar acquisition of a legacy real estate portfolio right out of the gates.

l love the excitement that comes with facing new challenges. I have had the privilege of having many different roles across Slate’s businesses, in Canada, Europe and the US. In a more traditional corporate environment, it’s easy to get complacent and comfortable in a role. Here, whenever I find myself getting a little too comfortable, I step into something new and exciting.

I am most proud of opening our German office and developing the foundation of Slate’s business in Europe. I joined Slate in Toronto and in 2016 had the opportunity to move to Germany, where I opened the Frankfurt office. Over four years, we were able to develop strong local relationships, raise capital for three European funds, acquire hundreds of properties and expand our team in Frankfurt with several great local hires. Having the opportunity, and the challenge, of building a business from the ground up, with the trust and support of the Slate team back in North America, was an incredibly rewarding experience, both personally and professionally. I was then presented the opportunity to move to Chicago, where we now have similar plans to scale, but it’s still gratifying to see the team in Europe thriving.

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